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Is Chiropractic Treatment Always Recommended for Low Back Pain?



The simple answer is yes. A recent study from Canada, A Guideline from the Canadian Chiropractic Guideline Initiative, exhaustively researched the question of when should chiropractic be used to help low back pain. The aim was to “develop a guideline to provide the best practice recommendations on the …assessment and monitoring of people with low back pain.” This research is especially important to our neighbor to the north, as chiropractic care as well as other medical treatment is funded by the government.

How was the Study Done?

The study divided patients into groups having acute back pain (0-3 months), chronic back pain (over 3 months) and chronic back-related leg pain (sciatica). Thirteen researchers reviewed studies conducted world-wide. Such studies have consistently recommended non-drug treatments as the first stop for patients with acute and chronic low back pain, including chiropractic care.

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