The Graston Technique

An Addition to our Doctor’s Bag
A recent addition to our treatment methods is Graston Technique, a type of care that uses six specially-designed stainless steel instruments that are molded to conform to various contours of the human body. By treating the soft tissues surrounding the joints, Graston Technique can increase the effectiveness of a chiropractic regimen.

What Can Graston Help?
Graston Technique is especially effective in helping both chronic and acute injuries to joints and muscles heal faster. It is used by the training facilities of almost every major league football, basketball and baseball team to help players recover fully and more rapidly. During the past 22 years, Graston practitioners have developed extensive, well documented treatment programs for all areas of the body.

How does Graston Work?
During injuries and overuse, muscles, tendons, ligaments and other soft tissues become deformed. Using the patented Graston Instruments, these tissues can be returned to their proper orientations. Doing so promotes faster healing, reduces inflammation and scar tissue, as well as lessens the need for anti-inflammatory drugs. Even problems that have existed for a long time can often be reversed.

Is Graston Well Known?
Graston Technique is a well-respected method of therapy that is part of the curriculum in 45 colleges and universities. There are over 22,000 chiropractors, physical therapists and occupational therapists who have been trained and certified in the technique.

If you would like to know more, visit the Graston Technique web site.

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Jon Mills, DC

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